ISBN 1-896860-32-X Colours Everywhere You Go (children) 10.95
Ekstasis Editions published 2000 32 pages

Let Colours the Clown take you on an exciting exploration of our colourful world in playful rhyme and brilliant watercolour illustration. Toddlers and young readers of all ages will treasure this delightful tour from black and white to every hue of the rainbow.


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ISBN 1-896860-75-3 New Sufi Songs and Dances (Sufism) 17.95
(with CDs) 52.95
Ekstasis Editions published 2000 128 pages

New Sufi Songs and Dances is both a seeker’s guide to Western Sufism and a manual for those wishing to experience meditative ecstacy though music and movement. Included with the songs are practices for healing, nature meditation, dervish whirling, chanting and prayer.

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ISBN 0-921215-71-1 Eternal Lake O’Hara (history & poetry) 15.95
ISBN 0-921215-70-3 (hardcover) 32.95
Ekstasis Editions published 1993 144 pages

Eternal Lake O’Hara celebrates the Lake O’Hara region of the Canadian Rockies in original poetry and poetic extracts from archival sources. An area that has inspired artists, poets and others for over a century comes alive in historical photographs and accessible poetry.

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